Thursday, May 28, 2009

Word Games

Abigail is becoming more and more vocal, and has been able to communicate in semi-full sentences for a couple of months. I am amused and ever surprised at the things that she comes up with!

Anyone with kids knows that, well, 'kids say the darndest things', and certainly Abigail is no exception. Thanks to her father and his twisted sense of humor, she's also been learning such colorful (and not socially acceptable) expressions as "fart", "burp" and a few others. I have been trying to re-route her to more "kosher" definitions, like "passing gas", or "toot", "break wind" for example.

Tonight, after dinner, I suddenly detected that Abigail may have gone number two. So I asked her, as I usually do, "Honey, did you make a poopie?". She looked at me straight in the eye, and with the most serious look in her face, she responded: "Abbie toot a poopie!". A close examination of her clean diaper revealed that, in fact, Abbie had simply "toot a poopie".

Another thing that she's been saying lately, in perfect English, is "Mamy (or Daddy), sit down, I'll drive". She says that while opening the car front door, which she is now able to do by standing on her tippy-toes and pressing the unlock button on the door handle. She invariably bursts out laughing because she really does think that she'll drive. At the first sign that she will be sitting on her car-seat, after all, she changes her tune.

Yesterday, another funny one: Shelby started barking loudly out of nowhere while Abigail was quietly playing on her own. Abbie got reasonably upset, and ran to me, saying: "Mamy, Shelby scared the baby! Shelby scared the baby!! Oh no, Shelby, oh no!" Of course, right after that, Abbie turned to the dog and told her "Kiet, Shelby! Kiet!".


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