Monday, May 18, 2009

Abbie & Co.

Abbie had a great day today: she went to the park, where she met her little buddies William and Max (Weeam and Maxxxxxx).  She enjoys the company of her friends, she loves playing with them, following them around, and being close to them.

Right after our little park outing, we went to Sweet Life Cafe, in old town Fairfax, where we all sat down for lunch. While there, Abigail exchanged sweet hugs and a couple of kisses with William, and Max also got sweet with her. He started poking her and yelling "tickle!!! tickle!!!". Abbie thought that was the funniest of things. It really stuck with her, because when we got home, she starting poking my leg and going "ticke!!! ticke!!!", laughing out loud when I pretended to be tickled by her little finger jammed on my thigh. Later on, at dinner, she said "Maxxxx, ticke!!!!" And then went on, with the sweetest of smiles, "Weeam, day, fun!".

Yes, it was.

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