Friday, May 22, 2009

Lights dimming on Sesame Street (classic Abbie)

Two days ago I walked into my daughter's bedroom to find a rather unusual, if not slightly disturbing, sight: all of her Sesame Street pals (the ever-ubiquitous Elmo, Zoe, Grover, Big Bird, Snuffy and Cookie Monster) were laying face-down/fanny-up on two of her bookcase shelves, as depicted below:

I was really puzzled -- the scene was obviously not the result of chance, but rather of a carefully planned design. It was, well, purposely done! I called Christopher at work to find out what he knew about it, since he was playing with her in her room the night before while I was preparing dinner.

He said, "Oh, yeah, *that*!", and chuckled, "Your daughter did that -- I told her that it was time to go 'night-night', to say goodbye to her little friends, who were going to bed, too. So, one by one, she picked them up, and laid them down on the shelf, on their tummies, saying to each of them: "Cookie Monsteh sleepin'; Emo sleepin'; Yowe sleepin'; K-nuffy sleepin'; Goovah sleepin'; Big Burd sleepin'!"!"

I looked at Abbie, who was putting stickers on Shelby, and I could not stop laughing. So much for a sinister display -- and I hurried to take a picture of it!

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Tulips said...

LOLOLOL - So cute!