Monday, July 6, 2009

Uh… Hello?

P1000597 During the last few weeks, Carol and I have been teaching Abbie our first names. She asks her, “Abbie? What’s daddy’s name?” and Abbie replies, “CHREES-o-fur!” When I ask her mommy's name, she whispers, “CAH-rol”  She whispers it because when I first started to teach her, I would whisper it into her ear as a hint. However, she thought that’s how you had to say it… in a whisper.

I should have known, since she does that with other hints I whisper to her.

Anyway, I’ve explained many times here before how much I love to tease her. It’s hard coming up with fun and silly ways to tease her because… well, she’s just a chip off the old block… she’s always two steps ahead, and it usually backfires on me.

So tonight, during our usual nighttime routine, she sat in my lap comfortably while I fed her her bottle of milk.  While she was quietly sipping away, I thought I’d close my eyes, make little snoring sounds and pretend I was sleeping. I wanted to see what she’d do.

I cracked my eyes open a little to see her. I saw two bright eyes looking at me, blinking. After a few seconds of her studying my face and watching me “sleep”, I heard her little voice whisper with the bottle still in her mouth, “CHREES-o-fer… blabble, flabble, wabble, flooble, habble… brush-a-TEEF!”

Apparently, she thought I was really asleep and that I’d forgotten that, after her milk, I was supposed to take her in to the bathroom to brush her teeth. The little pipsqueak was gently waking me up and reminding me.

Good thing she’s looking after me!

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