Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rarities and Oddities -- Part Deux

Abbie does a lot of little things that crack me up.  I don't want to forget any of them! Here's a short list of the things I can think of, more coming! 

1) When she eats, she has to have her "Rabbitt" bib sitting on the table next to the plate.  She'll talk to it and try to feed it, too. 

2) If you take a bite of her food, she'll start feeding you and would seriously give you everything on her plate simply for the pleasure of seeing you happy.  She smiles all the way. 

3) She says "cah-foh!" (careful) each time that she does something she *knows* I won't be happy about.  She anticipates my warning, looking at me as if saying "See? Don't bother, I said it for you" -- not defiantly.  She really does it to save you some time.  

4) She'll walk backward and slowly lower herself on to anyone's lap.  Even strangers. 

5) She barks at dogs: "Ruff-Ruff!!!" 

6) She makes silly faces when looking at herself in the mirror. 

7) If you tell her "Abbie, I love you", no matter what mood she's in or what she's doing, she'll slowly break into a sweet smile. 

8) She can dance.  Anywhere, any time, to any music or lack thereof. 

9) She bursts out laughing out of nowhere and for no reason apparent to anyone else but her. 

10) She'll recognize the letter "W" anywhere.  She loves to say "w".  She actually loves many complicated words, such as dinosaurs, hippopotamus, octopus, alligator, rhinoceros, etc. 

11) She loves to say "more coming!" when I am feeding her.  She anticipates when more food is coming :) 

12) She *has* to hold Shelby's leash when we go for a walk. 

13) She insists on helping me "clean" when she sees me doing household chores.  She'll say "Mammy clean", take the broom from me and actually sweep the floor. 

14) She will drink water from a regular glass, holding it herself, and no other way. 

15) She loves to smell flowers.  She brings any flower she sees to her nose and takes a whiff.

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Sandra B. said...

What a funny little girl!