Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Bitty Abbie

Abbie’s absorbing everything, and it’s not that she’s just repeating what she hears, rather she’s fitting her world together in context and joining words together.

For example, she and I were out at Babies-R-Us getting another load of diapers. (Just a side note, she’s a great little companion most times – she loves to trot along ahead and help her Mommy and Daddy at the store.)

While we were perusing the choices in diapers, a little baby somewhere in the store started to cry. Abbie heard this, looked around and said, “Baby crying... Baby crying.”

I said, “yes, honey – there’s a little baby and she’s crying. But Baby’s OK.” Abbie, satisfied that the baby was not in trouble, went back to choosing her diapers.

While we waited at the check stand, Abbie insisted on helping me by holding one of the packages of diapers. She stood there proudly, hoping everyone saw that she was helping her Daddy. When it was our turn at the register, I told her, “OK honey, put the diapers on the table so she can scan them.” Without resisting, she hoisted the packages up and tried to put them on the belt.

When we got to car she still wanted to hold the diapers. The package she chose was the nighttime diapers with a picture of a sleeping baby boy on the front. She looked a the picture, then turned to me with a smile and said, “Baby sleeping. Shhhhh!”, putting her little index finger to her lip. Finally she looked back at the picture and said, “Boy baby… boy baby…”

It was a perfect little outing that went without a hitch. One of those moments that I look forward to having more of in the future. I can’t wait to have my little helper and friend go with me to turn the most mundane errands into fun excursions.

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