Monday, March 30, 2009

Things Abbie says

I once wrote a post about how the learning processes of young minds amaze me. And, once more, I got surprised by the things Abbie picks up along the way -- things I never even dreamed of teaching her, but that she nevertheless grasps from her daily experiences.

A few days ago, while I was getting Abbie ready to go out, she went nuts. She started calling out her typically loud “dish!” (this) pointing at something on the table. She didn’t have any toys up there. I wasn’t particularly interested in figuring out what’s going on in her little curly head, I was in rush and trying to get her shoes on. But she wasn’t letting up, and finally I realized that she wanted my key holder, with my house keys and my car beeper.

"Dish, peas? Dish, peas?” (this please)

I offered them to her, “Abbie, Is this what you want?”

Abbie stretched her hands and paid me back for giving her the coveted keys with the biggest grin and happy eyes.

While I put my coat on, I watched Abigail silently inspecting the keys. Finally, clicking the buttons of the car beeper, she looked up at me and said:

"Cah (car). Kees (keys). Beep-beep!!!!!"


Lisa said...

How funny! I showed this to B., and he was laughing too.

Sunshine's Daddy said...

It's scary how smart she is!