Friday, June 14, 2013

"Violet in the Sky"

Just now, at dinnertime, Abbie gave me the chills... She told me a story she dreamed of today.

She called it "The Story of Violet in the Sky".

This is how she told it, more or less:

"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful flower in the sky, it was called Violet, it was a happy little flower. The flower was so beautiful, that one day an angel decided it should be admired on earth. So he brought Violet down, and planted the flower for everyone to see. Everyone loved the beautiful flower. It was light blue, mommy, you know, like OUR favorite color! And it smelled so sweet. The days passed, and nothing happened, then more days passed, and nothing happened, you know, just like that. The flower grew bigger, and sweeter in time. But... Three beautiful angels above, in the sky, missed the beautiful Violet. They thought the sky wasn't the same without it for them to love and see every day. So, that's why the angels came down, all three of them. They surrounded the Violet with light and power, and brought her back to the sky, to be safe with them forever. And there, butterflies flew around it and the sky was even more beautiful. The end!"

A year ago today, in this small town of ours, a little girl by the name of Violet had an accident, and was later taken from the world. She was two years old. She was beautiful...

All I could see through my eyes filled with tears as Abigail told me her story, was Violet's toothy smile. Her bright eyes and infectious happiness. Though I never met Violet, her tragic passing affected me in ways I cannot even describe and to this day I feel so much sadness in my heart at the thought of her no longer being with us.

I hugged Abbie tight, excused myself and came to my room to jot all this down while still fresh in my mind...

I never once told Abigail about Violet. But I hope that one day, reading this, she will understand why I hugged her so tight, and why I cried while she recounted a dream she had.
{she drew me a picture of violet going up to the sky... it's all purple because the light of the angels bringing her up was so powerful everything turned purple. The other weird things are the angels............ Well. She is five)

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